[helθ] noun

  1. A cornerstone of life
  2. The basis of wellbeing


[ˈɒp-tɪ-mʌɪz-iŋ] noun

  1. Making the best of…
  2. Creating a perfect homeostasis
  3. Aiding a natural system to function as intended

Health Optimizing:

[helθ  ˈɒp-tɪ-mʌɪz-iŋ] noun

  1. Stimulating the human organism’s intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms to optimize health, using a combination of breakthrough technologies to map out and deal with the primary and secondary causative factors on physical, biochemical, energetic, emotional, and lifestyle-related levels.

Health Optimizing is the world’s leading high-tech health concept, which is transforming the future of medicine. It is an all-encompassing clinic concept, utilising leading edge, non-invasive technologies & methodologies to accurately map more than 20,000 health-parameters for determining causative factors of people’s health problems and to solve them.  The concept has been developed by the Norwegian, Thomas Aksnes, supported by scientists around the world and his own team of Medical Doctors and Therapists. During the past 17 years, the Health Optimizing clinic concept has been successfully utilized in many clinics around the world.

The Health Optimizing concept includes a comprehensive health assessment process, mapping a client’s health and identifying the combination of causative factors of the health challenges. The most innovative aspect of our proprietary methodology is the way we use a vast number of advanced technologies to put the pieces of the jigsaw together to achieve an overall picture. Most of our technologies are also being used in other settings, but without our methodology, they have very limited benefits. We have developed a concept that can help most people achieve optimum health, in a way that cannot be achieved by utilizing the individual technologies or other types of treatment.

No more symptoms management!

By addressing the causative factors with specific lifestyle coaching and hi-tech methodologies, including technologies that stimulate the intrinsic self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms specifically, the client’s body is enabled to solve most health challenges quickly and effectively.


A cutting-edge and all-encompassing high-tech health concept promoting self-healing

22 years of research makes Health Optimizing the world leader in high-tech assessment, treatment and lifestyle protocols which trigger the body’s self-healing mechanisms

Most comprehensive concept to accurately map more than 20,000 health-parameters

32 different assessment/therapeutic technologies and thousands of proprietary protocols – Health Optimizing has the most comprehensive and efficient assessment and therapeutic platform on the planet

No more symptom management! Through proprietary methodologies, Health Optimizing is now able to identify the real underlying causes and trigger factors of illness and how to solve them

Latest science and technology: Health Optimizing is independent of equipment manufacturers to ensure that our clinics always have access to what is leading-edge at any time

Strategic partnerships: Health Optimizing has entered into strategic partnerships with the best technology manufacturers that dominate its segment to further develop tailor-made technologies for Health Optimizing

Most comprehensive methodology: Each technology provides pieces of a big jigsaw puzzle. Our methodology puts the pieces together to see the overall picture and identify the right all-encompassing solution

Continuous improvement of the concept through coordinated internal R&D projects and aggregation of results between Health Optimizing clinics and partnerships with leading R&D centres/manufacturers worldwide

Prompt and profound impact: The approach offers real and quick solutions to suffering clients, to eliminate anguish by unresolved conditions and opportunity for further complications

Holistic solutions are employed addressing the whole human-being, including (but not limited to) the mind, body and spirit

Evidence-based: In addition to medical approvals and trials, the evidence is built into the system by pre-assessments and post-assessments utilizing high-tech medical devices measuring homeostasis, health status and functioning of body systems

Causative factor solutions: A combination of the high-tech technologies allows for assessment of a combination of underlying and more direct causative factors, as well as for non-invasive and effective therapy to correct the imbalances

Empowering clients to give their intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms the capacity and ability to allow for a long life in the natural state of good health.

17 years of clinical experience – delivered improved health to over 600,000 clients.

The Health Optimizing clinic concept is built upon the unique, proprietary and well-tested Aksnes` H.E.A.L.T.H. methodology and philosophy:

Hippocrates’ health philosophy: finding out what’s overloading the self-regulating mechanisms. Hippocrates’ teaching: “Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illness will suddenly appear”.

Educating the client about healthy lifestyle and the necessary lifestyle changes to give capacity for autoregulation. The educating focus is primarily based on the specific factors, according to the assessments, that will make the most difference.

Assessment of what is not functioning right: all-encompassing assessment of the function of the cells, organs and regulation systems, using a combination of state-of-the-art medical assessment technologies.

Locating the underlying and trigger causations, using a combination of hi-tech devices and occasional biochemical tests.

Targeting and solving the causative factors and specific problems, using the most effective combination of treatments, mostly hi-tech.

Homeostasis thru stimulating the body’s own self-regulating mechanisms. Stop the adaptation process that makes the body ignore problems by perceiving them as the norm.

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